Hello, my name is Natoya

The first thing you should know about me is that I am an ambitious writer. The Second thing is I am a multi-talented individual who lives in the beautiful island of Barbados. In my native dialect, I would say “I is a Bajan.” I spend most of my days being a writer, explorer, photographer and filmmaker.

My journey as a writer started before I could recognise letters. The first thing I responded to was art; I could not understand anything unless it was art related. As I aged, I spent most of my time watching television, reading books and using my imagination. I used to pretend I was an actress or director in movies that I created. Every year, I won imaginary Awards for being the best actress, writer and director.


Heritage Barbados
Photograph by Rasheed Boodhoo https://www.facebook.com/heritagebarbados/

In the imaginary stage, I often ended up changing scenes frequently and replacing names when I forgot because I didn't write anything down. So I had to upgrade to writing. I started writing poetry, plays and short stories that intrigued my audience. What motivated me more was when people would privately approach me and stated that I was very inspirational to them. For someone to be inspired by my creativity was more valuable than money in my opinion. So I continued writing and I continued inspiring.



Artwork By Brook-Elliott Gill

My Background

Unfortunately, Barbados does not have a degree specializing in creative writing as yet. It’s really hard to get guidance on how to become a successful writer. Most Barbadian writers who make a living from writing are fortunate. In fact, most writers from anywhere in the world are lucky to be paid for their creative work.

Since there is no local creative writing degree and I couldn’t afford to go to one of those fancy universities overseas, I graduated from the University Of The West Indies in 2012 with Bachelors in Creative Arts. I thought when I graduated, there would be several opportunities out there for me. Sadly, creative opportunities are very limited here in Barbados. I did do some creative freelance work. However, I mainly ended up doing 9 to 5 jobs. I'm lucky because I have a background in a variety of subjects and I enjoy learning.  Every year I study something different because I believe it’s important to learn a new skill.

Over the years, I studied Accounting, Information Technology, Events Management, Cookery, Weaving, braiding, wig making, dancing, multimedia, gymnastics, philosophy of sex & love, Customer Service, First Aid, Public Speaking, psychology, photography, Journalism, Broadcasting and if I don’t stop myself this page would be longer than it should be.

Why Am I Blogging?

It's complicated to tell a story that is full of verisimilitude if you don't have an idea of the atmosphere. Learning a new skill boosts creativity and motivates me to write a lot. Hopefully, my blog content inspires you to create your own voice in whatever dream you wish to fulfil. Good Luck and keep reading!!