Barbados: Jacks Bar, Christ Church

I love visiting Jacks Bar in Christ Church, Barbados due to it has a lovely convivial atmosphere. Jacks bar is one of my favorite casual spots because it is two minutes away from Sandy Beach and Graeme Hall Sanctuary. Jacks is a great place to hang out after a long busy day. Also, it’s a nice place […]

Marriage Not for Everybody

Some people imagine getting married and running off into the sunset like in a fairytale.  It’s ok to imagine, but people shouldn’t let their imagination be the reason why they’re getting married.  The truth is, not everyone will have the opportunity or displeasure of getting married because marriage is not for everybody. So before becoming […]

Barbados: The Graeme Hall Experience

I am very embarrassed to say this, but I will say it anyway, the first time I ever visited Graeme Hall Sanctuary, Christ Church was this year, 2017. I always thought it was a name of a street because people just refer to it as “Graeme Hall” and leave out the Sanctuary part. Although it […]

The Intimacy of Worth

How much are you worth if people treat you like crap?  How much are you worth if your friends make embarrassing fun of you? What are you worth if your family sees you as a disappointment or mistake? What are you worth if you’re in dead-end jobs that don’t pay what you desire? How much are you […]

Barbados: The Animal Flower Cave

Looking for somewhere nice, unique and adventurous to visit in Barbados? Then look no further. Check out the Animal Flower Cave in St. Lucy where you’ll have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, picnic and of course, tour the cave. Check out my first published article by This article will give you some information on […]

The Birth of Creativity

Creativity, some people are born with the ability to be creative. They never have a dull moment in doing so while others have a moment where they can’t do anything. They have something like writer’s block and may need a little push in the right direction. This written piece is for those who want to […]