Barbados: Jacks Bar, Christ Church

I love visiting Jacks Bar in Christ Church, Barbados due to it has a lovely convivial atmosphere. Jacks bar is one of my favorite casual spots because it is two minutes away from Sandy Beach and Graeme Hall Sanctuary. Jacks is a great place to hang out after a long busy day. Also, it's a nice place to grab a scrumptious and affordable meal in the Christ Church area. However, like everywhere the price and menu is subject to change.

Jacks Bar sign

The Jacks Bar Cuisine

When visiting Jacks, just show up with money and a good appetite to dive into their simple but luxurious dishes. When I visited, there was a lot to choose from the menu such as sandwiches, salads, grilled Mahi Mahi, Ribs, and wedges. My favorite thing on the menu is the wings. I honestly believe that their legendary wings are beyond lip-smacking and that is what keeps me going back for more.

Jacks Bar wings

The bartenders are very quick in serving the drinks. They are good at showing off their bartending skills to keep the customers at the bar well entertained. Whenever I visit, there are several drinks to choose from at the bar. Sometimes I get drunk from just deciding what I want which is most likely is a beverage with a virginity or something that barely contains alcohol. I'm amazed by how confident, calm and cool the bar staff is even when the night ages and the crowd increases.

Jacks Bar


Great Service

The staff deserves many kudos points for their service. Every time I visit, I get my food in an appropriate time. The bartenders are very friendly and they provide you with updates on the food while you wait. Also, they ensure that you are enjoying the drink they mix by asking questions. Can life get any better than that? Yes, all places should have that feature embedded in their service. Unfortunately, it is considered an extraordinary feature that most people tend to forget.



There are many activities that people can do while waiting on their orders such as play pool, dance, watch television and listen to music. The location of the bar is flexible when thinking of activities, you just need to be open-minded. The greatest advantage the bar has is that it is two minutes away from Sandy Beach which is one of the most aesthetical beaches in Barbados.

Pool at Jacks

The Jacks Bar Experience

I don't think I'll ever get bored visiting Jacks Bar due to their friendly environment and mouth watering wings. Plus, they always do something that impresses me and encourages me to continue being their customer. If you ever have the opportunity of visiting there, leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Jacks Bar wings extreme close-up



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Barbados: The Graeme Hall Experience

I am very embarrassed to say this, but I will say it anyway, the first time I ever visited Graeme Hall Sanctuary, Christ Church was this year, 2017. I always thought it was a name of a street because people just refer to it as “Graeme Hall” and leave out the Sanctuary part. Although it has many struggles and restrictions in visiting certain parts of the Sanctuary, it is still a great sight to behold. When I visited, I regret not walking with my yoga mat. The place has a peaceful vibe which allows you to meditate without interruptions as you watch the exquisite scenery. There are a variety of attractions such as the birds, the café, the lawn, the swamp and variety of plants growing there.

The Birds In Graeme Hall

The Sanctuary is a home to many kinds of birds, so I was looking forward to viewing all types. Unfortunately, I only saw a few, but the personality of them was enough to keep me preoccupied. The most extraordinary thing about these birds is that they were very friendly, especially the ducks. They eat out of the palm of your hands without picking you. Also, there were flamingos at the sanctuary. Unfortunately, we only have permission to look at them through the fencing as they peacefully breeze through life living, eating and procreating. Besides the flamingos and ducks, there was the usual black birds and sparrows that we can find travelling all over Barbados. Apparently, they are more bird species in the sanctuary, but we are not allowed to go certain places due to renovations and other restrictions.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 03

The staff advised feeding the ducks by the swamp because they will join you for lunch in the eating area when you go to eat in peace. There are times people would turn to find a duck patiently and quietly standing next to their chair when they are sitting in the dining area; this is due past visitors allowing them to eat with them.

The Graeme Hall Café

Normally, the first place people walk towards when they step into the sanctuary is the Café. There, you can purchase stuff, chill, eat and read.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 07Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 06

There are a variety of food items on the menu to choose from such as bird food, ice-cream, cookies and sandwiches.  I fell in love with oatmeal after purchasing the most delicious oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips from there; it was unforgettable.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 08Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 09

Inside the café is a great place to hang out due to the whole scenery. The furniture is comfy, they have plenty of reading materials, and the lighting is just right to relax in.  The outside is another great option to chill; it’s a great place to have a tea party due to the scenery, a nice big swamp in the foreground, flowers dancing with the wind and monkeys travelling from one side to another in the far distance.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 10Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 11

The Plants

The sanctuary is the perfect place to visit and learn about the different plants that exist on the island such as bougainvillea and all types of palm trees. They are even labels attached to some of the plants providing the history of them. Some of these plants are scarce to find other parts of the island due to the needs for survival such a lack of water or whatever resource the plant needs to survive.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 12Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary 13

The Experience

The Sanctuary is a place worth visiting once a week the least. It’s a great way to learn about the majority of plants that exist on the island, the birds are flamboyant and friendly, the atmosphere is serene and the café is unforgettable.


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